About Me

I am currently living in Rotterdam, Netherlands and work for Dun & Bradstreet

I recently completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts (B.A.Econ Hons) in Economics and Multimedia at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario

I play guitar all year and knit scarfs in the winter. I work on small e-commerce websites and was a Teaching Assistant within my Multimedia program for 2 years.

The Brewery

I've brewed 80 gallons (304 liters) of beer within the last year. I brew with William Almas and we have plans to one day attend Beer School to learn how to brew beer professionally. You can checkout our current bar setup.


"Beer does not make you fat. It makes you lean . . . against bars, poles and tables"


The easiest way to reach me is through e-mail at anthony (at) anthonyro (dot) com